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Focusing on global oil and gas customers' demands for technology and products of oil extraction, stimulation, we commit to providingour customers with oil and gasdevelopment consulting, comprehensive solutions of oil extraction and stimulation technology and related products, empower to the members.

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We are a leading supplier of Pipe handing tools, Mud pump consumables, Solid removal system parts, Well control equipment, Flowline products, Wire ropes& various rig components as well as hard to find Oilfield supplies and Chinese OEM products all at competitive prices. With short cycle quote and fast delivery we have been supplying a demanding worldwide oil and gas market with various oilfield materials. Please click for extension details.

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  • Air Compressor

    Air Compressor is the main body of air supply device, which converts the mechanical energy of the original motive (usually the motor) into the gas pressure energy, and is the pressure generator for compressed air.

  • Generator set

    Generators have wide applications, including industrial and agricultural production, national defense, mining, oil and gas, electricity, science and technology and daily life.

  • Stainless steel pipe fittings

    According to the join methods, it can be divided into four types: socket stainless steel pipe fitting, threaded stainless steel pipe fitting, flange stainless steel pipe fitting and welded stainless steel pipe fitting.

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mainly used to protect employees from serious injuries or diseases caused by exposure to chemical radiation, chemical corrosion, electrical radiation, electric equipment,safety glasses / goggles, safety hats, safety belts, respirators, and a large number of respirators, protective clothing, etc.

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MRO procurement platform, full range of products, online can have a large storage base, efficient logistics management, perfect after - sales service, MRO materials, and non production of all materials, can be directly online selection, purchase, payment, distribution and other one-stop purchase and Purchase process.

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  • Medium and low voltage electrical appliance

    Medium and low voltage electrical appliance is a device that switches, controls, protects, detects, transforms and adjusts circuits.

  • Explosion-proof lamp

    The main types of explosion - proof luminaries, safety explosion-proof lamps, mobile explosion-proof lamps and so on.

  • Wire rope

    The wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable work, and it is not easy to break the whole root and work reliably.

  • Sling

    It consists of two categories: metal slings and synthetic fiber slings. Widely used in oil and gas, docks, construction, mining, factories, transportation and other fields.

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